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Help us raise money to fund ALS research. It’s easy and fun to do! Celebrate your birthday and ask your friends for a donation, organise a running event or participate in one! With this website we offer you the tools to start fundraising for our cause. Sign up in a few simple steps and tell your friends, family and colleagues.

ALS is a fatal nerve and muscle disease. In The Netherlands about 1500 people suffer from ALS. Each year 500 people pass away due to the consequences of ALS and another 500 are diagnosed with ALS. The cause of ALS is unknown, and there is no treatment available. There is no hope for a future - with an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years after the first symptoms – for these 1500 people. There is only one way to find a cure, scientific research.


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Create your fundraising page or join a team with friends, co-workers, your sports team or class mates. Take a look at these inspiring examples.

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